Here’s the twist: John McAfee knows the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? This question haunts people for several years now. After studying many theories you can come to the conclusion that the role of the mysterious Creator of Bitcoin is best suited limited number of people.

A few days ago , cryptocommunist suspected millionaire John McAfee in connection with the real Satoshi. Entrepreneur several times went to answer, but today unexpectedly announced that really knows the identity of Nakamoto. By the way, not Craig Wright.

New conspiracy theory

John asked me not to send him letters from the “real Satoshi”. No one will be able to impersonate the Creator of Bitcoin, since McAfee is already familiar with him personally.

Today I got a whole bunch of letters from people and groups who claim that they allegedly are Satoshi Nakamoto. Below is one example of this e-mail and my response to it. People, I know who the real Satoshi. Do not expose yourself a fool, please.

Some time later, the millionaire once again asked to leave him alone.

Again, don’t make yourself look stupid after I sent emails. If you need something to prove, then you are definitely not Satoshi.

McAfee gave no evidence that know the real Nakamoto. A millionaire known for his scandalous reputation, therefore, to believe every word of it just not worth it.

However, one thing he is right — Craig Wright is not really the Creator of Bitcoin. That only is his criticism toward the main cryptocurrencies, as well as fake publication, the disclosure of which worked even in WikiLeaks. The last straw was a lawsuit against Hodlonaut, the case ended in a mass delisting BSV.

Current rates of Bitcoin and other coins, together with capitalizations are in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our cryptcat! Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto is already among us.


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