Here’s how to install Android Q A Step-by-step

Think the Android system Q is a great update to the following, where it arrived today the first beta version, while indicated that Google previously indicated that many of the devices you will get the demo version, but it seems that the phones pixels is that you’ll get it only in principle, but please note that this version is very early and suits everyday use, so do not recommend that you install it on your phone Main now, with that in mind, here are the installation steps:

Register to get the demo version

Requires you to register to get the demo version from here, then wait until OTA update available, there will be no need to unlock boot loader your once you subscribe you can try to search for the update manually by going to the phone settings menu and follow the steps below:

  • Select System
  • System update
  • Check for update

If the update to Android Q available, load it and restart your phone to get it, but keep in mind that the update will be available relatively quickly after shopping to get it, it took 24 hours for some, others it took them just a few seconds.

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