Here’s how to download iOS 11.3 problems with the batteries

We learned that Apple launched the update iOS 11.3 demo developers, and as promised, He has brought the option to control the delay iPhone in the update, and now we explain the mechanism of action of iOS 11.3 following phones iPhone closure for sudden death due to old battery. Note: the improvement in performance, and the option to disable it, available for phones for iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and iPhone 6S 6s plus, and iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone 7 and 7 plus When you restart the phone after the sudden closure, you will notice that the phone had suffered from the sudden closure, in to Settings > battery > battery health Battery Health, you’ll see the screen below, will explain that the sudden closure was due to a weak battery to meet performance under the department to improve the capacity performance Peak Performance Capability. Besides apples, you will find deactivation option Disable. Clicking on Disable will appear a window telling you that “the disruption may lead to a sudden close” Choose the deactivation Disable irreversible, but if that happened and your phone of a sudden close after the filibuster, will restart the situation, and then they won’t find the deactivation option. So, the negative side of disable control performance is the risk of collapse of the performance of your phone where sudden closure. If the battery is old it is likely to suffer from sudden closure, growing the chances of sudden closure whenever said ratio of the “maximum capacity” The ability of the battery to absorb the shipping, which will be 100% in the new phones and up to 80% after two years of use, and recommends the Apple TV replacing the battery when going down by about 80%. If you want to get the trial version to select iOS 11.3 you can register with Apple: Click here. And forget that you first backup the data service iCloud go to Settings > iCloud > backup, or the version on your computer, connect the iPhone, and income on iTunes.

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