Here is here: five signs that institutional investors are in the stock market

This year was a real challenge for hontarov crypts. Within six months, the Bitcoin managed to lose most of their value, and every small pullback was accompanied by strong sink. In addition to the wallets of investors, all these developments became a serious test for their psyche.

However, the hope for new growth is still there. And this time, it can start institutional investors. This indicates the growing popularity of custodial services for the crypt and the interest of major companies digital assets. NewsBTC has gathered five reasons why cryptocurrencies will be the best investment for large investors.

Infrastructure development

Recently, Coinbase announced the addition of new coins to the list of assets with custodial service. Now big investors will be able to safely store the updates on the cold wallets. This may be a sign that big capital is not only interesting Bitcoin and the Ethereum, but promising altcoins.

Goldman Sachs also announced about plans to work with digital assets. The investment Bank may remove the last obstacles on the way to “big money”. While the company Ledger reported on increased interest from large investors.

The attention of SEC to the cryptocurrency

The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has rejected the application of the Winklevoss brothers on the establishment of the exchange triptofana. Other ETF related to the crypt, too, was defeated. While the financial regulator still has a positive attitude towards the industry. Representatives of the SEC stressed that I have nothing against blockchain and innovation in Finance.

The Commission refused to approve the ETF due to the lack of adequate instruments to prevent fraud and manipulation. Fatfish Internet Group CEO kin-Wai Lau is confidentthat the positive decision of the SEC is not long to wait.


In addition to the exchange triptofana from VanEck SolidX over the next two months, the SEC should consider 9 applications on the establishment of ETF. The representatives of the Commission do not excludethat in the future the regulator will step up the industry of cryptocurrency.

Another remarkable event — the beginning of the ETN trades on the crypt, stock music now sells the largest European ETF Flow Traders. In Asia about plans to create its own exchange triptofana said guide exchange Huobi.

The high profitability of cryptocurrency

The unregulated market of the crypt is a double — edged sword. The advantage of the lack of pressure from regulators is the rapid growth of the stock market. From the very beginning of Bitcoin has been steadily going up. In the period from 2012 to 2016 coin was added to approximately 106% of cost per year. The profitability of Bitcoin 6.5 times more popular stock in IT.

Just last year, the cryptocurrency grew by 1,318 percent, reaching its peak price in December. According to Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, the capitalization of the total market could grow to a trillion dollars this year.

The positive attitude of regulators

Many governments realize that for the proper regulation of crypt and ICO needs to develop a new set of laws. In Japan, Bitcoin is considered quite legal asset, it is taken in the major cities of the state. The country also has a special Commission that studies the ICO.

We will remind, earlier the Office of supervision of the operations of the financial market of Switzerland has published the official rules that should be carried out every ICO in the country. Let’s hope that the positive attitude of prominent politicians and investors will help attract more capital to the stock market.


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