Here is a twist: in Bitcoin SV found vulnerability to attack double-spend

Fork Bitcoin Cash don’t seem as safe as it is positioned by Craig Wright. Recently a reizu could carry out double-spending attack on the network of cryptocurrency. At least, he claims, and even recorded a video of the process. BSV developers have not yet given any official comment, and Craig Wright denies the possibility of “hacking” Bitcoin SV.

Save your coins

At the moment there is no information about the double-spend attack on Bitcoin. Hasrat main cryptocurrency is so great that hackers would have to spend a huge amount of money and other resources to capture 51 percent of the nodes in the network.

According to reizu, the main vulnerability is the Bitcoin SV is the total centralization of the project.

I had an idea. What if I’m sending each node a unique BSV transaction? Locking txid of each translation, I was able to identify transactions that appeared in the next block. It helped me to identify the miners in the network.

After a few mined blocks I noticed that those transactions were mined by miners, almost always went to the same node. In other words, mining Bitcoin SV is very centralized. 34 percent Hasrat is only one node, and three-quarters of all facilities of cryptocurrency is owned by four nodes.

Reizu added that to minimize the damage from the attack double-spend “the nodes of the network must communicate with each other when receiving the transaction, which may be part of a double-spend attack”. In his opinion, other options would be of little use to the developers.

After the publication of the video reizu some users immediately demanded comments from Craig Wright. He reacted very negatively and called the incident “a complete nonsense”. By the way, a message to Wright cannot be read on Twitter — he made his account private.

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