Here are the most prominent features of OxygenOS 9.0

Work phones the OnePlus One bearing the name OxygenOS, as characterized by obtaining updates and data level, has recently got update to version 9.0.0 based on version Pie 9.0 of Android.

The update was offered for the OnePlus 5 و5T, where the interface includes the Android Pie all-new, pack Android security for the month of December, the version 3.0 of the style of the games, notifications messages and new information, the pattern to prevent the inconvenience with the possibility to modify its settings, the integration of Google Lens apply the camera.

This is in addition to all of that, it was also to support the navigation system of the new system through gestures of Android, has also been supported feature Nightscape for night photography with several years a new navigation in the OnePlus 6, a several advantages come available as standard already in OnePlus 6T later, add the possibility of running Assistant Google by pressing the power button for half a second with several improvements and fixes for previous problems.

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