Here are all the ways possible to prolong the battery life of the iPhone operating system iOS 12

A lot of iPhone users from the palace in the battery life of their phones, especially after using it for a long time, but the thing they don’t teach these users that there are some easy ways to extend the battery life of the phone.

Recently published Forbes magazine of America some notes on the nature of usage and style, it may have cities that can prolong the life of the battery to it, but anyway you can get nearly an extra two hours in every day
IPhone XS Max by doing the following:

I know of

Feature Wifi-Calling

إطالة عمر بطارية أجهزة iPhone

Feature Wifi-Calling allows you to make phone calls and received through the network الـWifi.

Close network cellular phone in while you are home, or at any place where the independence of the cellular phone bad. You can turn on or off the property of Wifi-Calling on the iPhone, go through to the list of “cell / Cellular” in the settings menu “Settings”.

This has caused the subject in some confusion, has claimed some old reports that use Wifi-Calling depletes battery life, but it’s quite the opposite when you use an iPhone XS Max.

Here’s why: the signal 4G/LTE at home (and other places) as being weak. This applies to the networks of telecommunications companies.

Hence, instead of relying on cell signal is weak -and the consumption of the battery in the meantime – turn off mobile network and activate the feature Wifi-Calling. Has improves this of your battery life by hours per day, depending on how much you use your phone in a given day.

Close the property Assistant virtual personal Siri

Use this feature battery greedily, so turn it off unless you really need. You can turn off the features Siri, the go to the list of “Siri & Search” in the settings menu /Settings, then close the features of Siri that you don’t need.

There have Siri about 30% of the battery in some days, according to the property “Battery Usage By App” from Apple, which shows the battery consumption by the app.

See using the battery

Speaking of traceroute “battery usage by app”, focused on this trace, to find out what is draining your battery, and if the quick scan can adds hours to your battery life.

Check the battery usage, under “Settings”, go to the Battery “Battery”, then scroll down to the bottom until you reach the
Battery usage by app “Battery Usage By App”.

Turn on flight mode

Before to come to your bed at night, switch to flight mode, as this mode shut down the cell phone radio waves of the data, but it can be left connected to Wi – Fi open.

Drag from the top of the screen to the bottom, to get to control center Control Center. Filled “flight mode”, or go to Settings and do it from there.

This is the way it interpreted Apple dynamic between the flight mode and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth:

“If you run a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the course of activating the flight mode, it will run them also when you use the flight mode next time, unless you are related in the course of activating flight mode”.

إطالة عمر بطارية أجهزة iPhone

Low-power mode

That’s not news; it has been present since the use of the operating system iOS 9, but you can extend the life of your battery hours. Go to “Settings”, then to “battery”, and from there change the setting to “low power mode”.

Mode provides low power consumption of the battery by turning off or reducing some features, such as checking e-mails, and “Hey Siri”, and update the applications that are running in the background, and downloads automatic, and iCloud Photo. Note that you may have already tried a low-power mode; it is an option available when you indicate the sign of the battery to lower the power to less than 20%.

The brightness of the screen

Keep the brightness of the screen at a level of 70% or less. It is obvious but effective. Drag from the top of the screen to the bottom, to get to the Control Center the Control Center and reduce the brightness to 70% or less.

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