Here are 7 movies predicted the future.

Download cinema the title of the big screen, where you know it’s not usually the reality of our perspective makes us think carefully about our daily lives, but that screen also has the ability to predict the future with his mysterious techniques don’t occur to a lot of people, so we offer you today 7 movies predicted the future.

1) The Truman Show

Before it can become reality routine, it showed the life of a sales representative on behalf of Truman, lives his life without knowing that it is registered via a reality show, and one of the theories he’s managed to foresee all of us to Truman, who is recording his life through technology and social networking sites.

2) A Space Odyssey

Showed this film during 1968 for the first time devices like the iPad and the application like Siri with a car space and review to assess the future many never thought by anyone else.

3) Minority Report

He says this movie is about three brothers are able to predict crimes before they happen, which is work of the police forces is currently running via computer algorithms.

4) You’ve Got Mail

Browse this movie leadership two people dating via email, which is not known during that period, despite its spread later, after showing the film, leading to invent apps dating such as Tinder.

5) Back to the Future

I predicted this series of movies cars, plane, glasses three-dimensional and hologram.

6) The Cable Guy

Predicted actor Jim Carrey in this film is the merging of the mobile phone, computer and TV in one device, we can by his tolerance of our homes, which has now turned to the fact via Smart TV devices plugin home such as Alexa.

7) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

He predicted this film to the possibility of having a device to erase memories, which is what scientists are working on it already, after they succeeded in the test on mice in 2017.

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