Helmet virtual reality independent ” Oculus Go ” made available to more stores in Europe and the United Kingdom

Oculus Go

May have access to virtual reality is expensive, especially if you don’t have computer games in person already. However, the helmets of virtual reality independent like Oculus Go is the perfect solution for users who don’t have a lot of resources to buy the helmets of virtual reality of high-end expensive, especially if we know that they are available at affordable prices as they are portable. Speaking of which, you can now get the helmet Oculus Go into many retail stores in the United Kingdom and Europe that were previously available in these countries through the website of Oculus.

Helmet Oculus Go the cost in Europe is about 220€ for the which includes 32GB of internal memory, while the cost about 270€ for that includes 64GB of internal memory. With regard to the United Kingdom, this is the helmet cost 200 pounds to the proportion of 32GB, while the cost of a£ 250 copy of 64GB.

As we have mentioned, the helmet Oculus Go does not require connecting with PC or smart phone. Everything you need to run experiments virtual reality exists inside the helmet itself. It should be noted that the helmet Oculus Go the New will be for sale at the price of 199 USD. Of course, this price is much less than the price of a helmet Oculus Rift, which is priced now at us $ 399 note that this helmet also require a personal computer, a very strong cost turn about $ 1500. With a helmet Oculus Go, the company aims at Oculus to bring virtual reality technology to more users without having to worry about buying smart phones or computers compatible.

Helmet Oculus Go is part of the company’s goal and ambition of bringing a million people to the reality of the virtual. It has been confirmed by CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg in the fourth edition of the conference Oculus Connect. It’s available at a low price, they don’t come with all the features available in the helmet Oculus Rift.

For example, a helmet Oculus Go don’t stretch your hands control or wireless technology indoor track. However, they are characterized by the lens new, and accurately 1440×2560, as it supports surround sound. The hand control that the helmet looks similar to yours control that comes with the helmet Samsung Gear VR, a subsidiary of Samsung.



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