Helmet virtual reality independent HTC Vive Focus Plus will be released this April priced at$ 800


In the month of February, the company announced the HTC about the helmet virtual reality HTC Vive Focus Plus. If you people who are wondering about the launch date of these helmets in the market, you may be happy to know that they will be available for purchase in April for $ 800 USD.

According to the head of branch of the company HTC in China, Mr. Alvin Wang Gralyin, it has stated by saying : ” With unveiled these features improved helmet HTC Vive Focus Plus, the sector of virtual reality with this new generation of devices virtual reality Full HD independent. We are pleased to be able to view many of the experiences and use cases in a helmet HTC Vive Focus Plus, which know the difference the stunning for HTC Vive Focus Plus the category virtual reality the whole “.

In case you haven’t heard about the HTC Vive Focus Plus before, they are copies of the target companies of the helmet HTC Vive Focus. While the helmets of virtual reality are usually players, I have decided HTC focus on HTC Vive Focus Plus for companies. There will be two of the hands move six directions, which allows you more precision during use in cases such as medical simulation.

You will get the HTC Vive Focus Plus also license dedicated to corporate giving users access to about 250 application. There is also the adjustment feature of the situation which allows you to convert this helmet to the hub ( Hub ) for content from multiple sources including computers, smartphones and home consoles, and others.


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