Helmet mixed reality Asus Windows Mixed Reality is becoming available now, priced at$ 429

asus windows mixed reality

Microsoft announced last year that there are many partners who develop helmets actually mixed Windows Mixed Reality, and one of these companies we find the Asus. He said that the Taiwanese company disclose her helmet reality mixed for the first time at the IFA exhibition in 2017, held early September of last year in the capital, Berlin, and now the company has confirmed as this will be the helmet and when it will become available for purchase officially.

Helmet mixed reality, a subsidiary of Asus has a unique design that includes hundreds of polygons three-dimensional and shiny effects. Moreover, this is the helmet itself weighs 400 grams and antibacterial substances. With regard to technical specifications, they are no different than some helmets mixed reality other that have been launched until now. This helmet is a subsidiary of Asus has accurately 1440×1440 pixels for each eye, and the vision of 105 degrees, as well as separate headphones, the sensor is integrated, which means that it does not need sensor external to work.

Detailed payable in the helmet makes it easy for users to transition from virtual world to the real world in a matter of seconds. Can easily raise the front part of the helmet to see what happens in the real world quickly before returning to the experience of virtual reality immersive again.

Overall, Asus are selling the helmet by the new reality of the hybrid as of today at a price of 429 USD through the store by the official on the internet and through retail stores. Are more expensive than some helmets mixed reality, but justified the cost because this helmet comes preset with two hands control.


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