Held in the UK, the world’s first military exercises with the participation of the people and fighting robots

The development of robotics sooner or later had to lead to the fact that the army will adopt some models of combat robots. And in this case it is not on the application which has already become a kind of “standard” of drones. British army in the event Autonomous Warrior 2018 at the site in Salisbury plain (South-East Wiltshire) in the next four weeks will conduct exercises of different types of robotic military equipment, which will end the large-scale experiment involving battle groups of humans and robots in a specially simulated combat conditions.

The main purpose of Autonomous Warrior 2018 is not only testing the interaction of different robots to each other, but also finding ways for their integration into the existing military units of the United Kingdom. As the press service of the Ministry of defence of UK

“The exercises include such areas as surveillance, long-range and accurate targeting, increased mobility, the supply of combat units and combat operations in urban environments.”

Also one of the key objectives is to study the possibility of using robots to solve the “last mile”. That is, the issue of supply of military units at the time when they are in the vicinity of the war zone.

Over the next 4 weeks, the military will test about 70 types of various Autonomous military vehicles both air and ground-based applications. The main part will be carried out by forces of the 1st armoured infantry brigade the Royal tank regiment. In addition, the exercise will involve about 200 international observers and military organizations including the US army, the Royal Marines and experts from the Laboratory defence science and technology (Dstl). On the organization’s teachings, spent a total of £ 800 million (about 1 billion US dollars).

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