Health data recorded by the iPhone used as evidence in a murder investigation.

Apple iphone 6 Plus

As you probably know, our smart phones track a lot of things that we do, like our website, and the things that we recommended on the internet, and even some data related to our health, such as calories that we’ve burned up, and the number of steps that we have done in the day, etc. from other data. In fact, this is the type of data used as evidence in the investigation of rape and murder in Germany.

According to a new report released recently, claims that a man raped a woman who was murdered in the year 2017, have felt the investigators somewhat puzzled because of the presence of the missing part of the geographical data and the video surveillance in place at the time of the murder. However, what the authorities since then is to use a company that specializes in the city of Munich, Germany, which seemingly succeeded in opening the iPhone defendant not previously refused to grant access to the contents of the company.

The report says : ” the app Records a part of his activity in the name of ‘ climbing stairs‘, which the authorities were able to link it with the time that he dragged his victim to the bottom of the River Bridge, then climb again. And sent police to Freiburg investigators to the scene to re-enact his movements, and it turns out in the end that activity is its health app connected to what was recorded on the phone of the defendant “.

This incident reveals to us how the data that is recorded by our smartphones to serve us in all situations, including legal situations. And author of the report, with Sean O’Brien, a researcher in the Laboratory of Yale Privacy Lab, which told him that in the future, we can only expect more of these cases that can be experienced in smart phones against their owners in court. According to Mr. Sean O’Brien, has stated by saying : ” digital evidence is already more common in law enforcement, not only the measurements of the applications but also features face recognition, recordings of the speakers are smart, of course, smart devices with cameras.”

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