Headset Bose 500 wireless come with features suitable for the AirPods

Use company Bose later this year to launch headset Bose 500 wireless to the market, which come with the specifications supported by in the development with headset Apple wireless AirPods.

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Company provided Bose recently headset Bose 700 that comes with a noise cancellation price of $ 400, which are available in the markets starting from June 30, as the company also announced about the new generation of wireless headsets in-ear Earbuds 500 that apply later this year with specifications and design suitable for AirPods.

Projections indicate that the Bose start charging headphone Earbuds 500 to the markets before the end of this year, only that the specifications of the wireless speaker make it one of the versions that can wait, where the design supports athletes well, with a more comfortable design for customers special also.

There is definitely a negative side in the sky, so come with a distinctive design and large size, only the headset Earbuds 500 featuring the design of a very small size, it is also distinctive design and is also light to provide the best user experience throughout the day.

I have provided the company Bose experience headphones Earbuds 500 wireless when the official announcement, which features the Sky Design Small already complies well with the ear, except that this model was the prototype for the company, which is scheduled to add some improvements when you start charging wireless speaker to the market.

It is planned to apply headphone Earbuds 500 three choices in colors between black, blue, besides white, is also expected to support the battery of this version in Keep age recharge up to 5 hours, also supports charging via the USB port-C.

Also, this version maintains what made Bose of the specification of In-Ear SoundSport Free that came with my definition of Health Operations offers the advantage of pressure in the open spaces to support the athletes the experience of a voice characteristic in the sites that feature a lot of noise.

From another side comes headphone Earbuds 500 Design against sweating and water also, as some suggest projections that the design of the speaker waterproof but it will not support the user under the water definitely due to the signals of Bluetooth, which is not transmitted under water.

And Bose headphone Bose 500 also some of the features that were provided in the headset Bose 700, including the technique of Bose EN or home is possible with fact audio enhanced, also come fish with Touch Control, and supports the Assistant Google virtual or Alexa from Amazon.

The company noted Bose that the sky will come with a audio stereo when you make voice calls, but keep the level of pricing of fish, a stove and its launch to the market the specific details not disclosed yet, so we expect more details from Bose later.


I know of

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