Headset AirPods 2 of the same card of the first generation and difficult reform

Apple launched the second generation of the headset by wireless at a price of 199$. As expected, the iFixit team dismantled the phone to see the components of the interior, and figure out that there are not a lot of big changes compared to the first part, which appeared the year 2016.

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IFixit team pointed out that the new headset difficult to fix, so if you try to open the sky, it is likely to earn half of the parts, so don’t try.

The battery in the sky is exactly the same model of the first generation, with a capacity of 398 Ma, while there is some good news, which is that the processor has a coating more resistant to liquids to provide greater protection, but in general the sky is not water resistant at all.

Granted the sky 0 out of 10 of hand the possibility of reform, this number is low even for the products of Apple. On the other side, the iFixit team Grant earphone Galaxy Buds of Samsung 6 10.

Source: iFixit

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