Headphones Powerbeats Pro turn, will support the feature to read incoming messages using Siri

Powerbeats Pro

At its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019, Apple announced that as part of the iOS system 13, there will be also some new features that will come to hear the AirPods. One of these features is the ” read messages Siri“, a feature that makes the digital assistant Siri reads the message that you receive while wearing headphones AirPods.

However, a person didn’t remember Apple is whether this feature will be limited to headphones AirPods or not, or whether they will make their way to the Apple headphones, such as headphones Powerbeats Pro launched by the company recently. The good news is that if you are planning to buy headphones Powerbeats Pro, it has confirmed some of the trusted sources of 9to5mac that these headphones will indeed feature read messages received by Siri.

In many ways, this makes sense. Because headphones Powerbeats Pro somewhat similar to the headphones AirPods in terms of gear, they used the same chip Apple H1 and activate the digital assistant Siri by the words ” Hey, Siri“, so he was bound to support the feature to read incoming messages via Siri. This is good news because we believe that there are some people who may not like to hear the AirPods, fit, or might prefer the Powerbeats Pro due to its quality sound, but they prefer not to miss some of the features.


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