Headphones Google smart Pixel Buds up to many countries around the world


Google announced in October of last year. the latest headset its wireless smart Pixel Buds which compete with headphones Apple’s famous Air Pods as you can use headphones Google with all smart phones, but work best with series phones pixels.

According to the report, which was published on the website ” gsmarena “ , launched the heavens and the smart Pixel Buds only in the United States and Canada, but I started to have access to the rest of the world during this period, notably Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Pixel Buds

As for the price bringing the price of the fish smart Pixel Buds to 194 USD, the equivalent of 174 euros.

Pixel Buds

Can use headphones Pixel Buds in the soil to about 40 different languages, and when connected to your smartphone pixels 2 The user will be able to shed commands to the intelligent assistant of Google to do some tasks, such as call someone or play music favorite.

Pixel Buds

And can be used to clear the smart Pixel Buds in the translation of words from English to any other language with ease.

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