Headphones G Pro new Logitech custom games eSports

This topic headphones G Pro new Logitech custom gaming eSports appeared on Engadget.

The company decided to Logitech to make a new headset for gamers so that they can wear them for long hours without get tired, so I made hear the G Pro, which provides stereo sound and relies on voice communication is Analog, as they are characterized by acoustic insulation by 50%, this in addition to it’s made of imitation leather material is smooth unlike gaming headphones other Logitech manufacturer of coarse material which has been infecting users by friction when the ear. Expect to hear G Pro at a price of $ 90.

Featuring a sky system running Pro-G which provides more powerful sound from the headphones G433 وG533 from last year and that’s because they headset dedicated for gaming. How come the sky is also a microphone is removable which is characterized by the feature noise isolation and improve the precision on the reverse offers Logitech previous, you will need to plug a separate microphone to utilize this feature, but this may be a problem for users of the computers portable gaming.

Said Logitech it has developed a headset G Pro based on the opinions of the players of eSports, and added that the heavens will come to alternatives Microsuede inside the enclosure.

Think headset G Pro the best choice if you are looking for a wired headset high quality, will be available in April at a price of $ 90 only.


This topic headphones G Pro new Logitech custom gaming eSports appeared on Engadget.

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