Headphones Facebook smartphone: Spy new in the region?

With the success of both the Amazon and Google with their smartphone, going to Facebook to enter the race with a new smart you develop now, which is supposed to be issued this year. It doesn’t look strange in any form where it is not the first time that the company is exploring the manufacture of a new product in addition to the millions of heavens smartphone which produced by Google season.

And headphones Google home from Google, to hear the echo from the Amazon to the Fish Market, and their Apple TV in recent months, headphones home iPod. With Facebook to catch up with the three big companies with Smart Touch, which according to reports will come in July.

Given that the race is you know a lot about our lives already through its website and through the Messenger, you probably won’t feel much safe when having the intelligent headset of the company in their home.

It is believed a lot already according to the number of surveys that the heavens and the smart pose a risk to privacy. But on another side it’s clear smart has a number of benefits and uses of good, though I hear Facebook is good at a price that you probably won’t have side privacy is important to the mission and they will buy it.

More representative of the speaker’s smart of Facebook

According to reports, Samir’s Facebook group intend to enjoy through the touch screen with a diameter of 15 inches, which will see the collaboration between facebook and LG. According to a also are smart come in the most of models where someone will be in the name of Aloha and the other in the name of Fiona will collect them through the company Pegatron Taiwan.

As you will be marketing to the heavens as a means to communicate with friends and family with the availability of young farmers talks, video and other advantages of social media. Also will headphones playing music, which explains the company’s cooperation with Sony oyuniversal music.

According to the reports, also all of this is part of the plan Facebook Otter will write the future of this product. Can you trust your privacy when purchasing the intelligent headset of Facebook? Tell us in the softening relations.

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