Headphones Bose Sleepbuds will help you sleep, it is now available for purchase


Bose is a great company and has a very, very popular in the market, and that’s why it was interesting to find company late last year, has embarked on a campaign on the platform of project financing emerging Indiegogo to try to raise funds for the production of a pair of earbuds that call it the name of Bose Sleepbuds. And for those who missed the campaign, the good news is that Headphones Bose Sleepbuds is now available for purchase.

Priced Ear Headphones Bose Sleepbuds about USD 250 will be offered for sale through a variety of retail stores starting June 21. And for those who have not heard about Bose Sleepbuds before, this is not headphones normal ear, and is designed to really listen to the music, as the name suggests has been designed to help wearers get to sleep.

How is it? Well, this is done by masking outside noise and add a set of tracks of white noise pre-loaded to help you to indulge in sleep. According to Bose, it was also designed to be small enough so that you can wear them while you sleep and will not notice them at all, other than headphones current or In-Ear Headphones that are not comfortable.


Unfortunately, they are one-dimensional so that it can be used only for one purpose and nothing else. This means that if you are hoping to also work as wireless, may feel disappointed when they learn they won’t be as well.



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