Headphones Apple AirPods Pro new – the most important representative of the reason!

After long months of leaks revealed the apple of headphones AirPods Pro new wireless officially which comes with a new design entirely additional advantages that did not exist before and, of course, the price has become more expensive than ever before.سماعات ابل AirPods Pro الجديدة - أهم المميزات والسعر!


Headphones AirPods Pro comes with a new design comfortable and convenient the ear on the recipe Apple. Was minimized the protruding part of the heavens also added Apple earplugs rubber can be changed as they are charging three pairs different size of ear plugs provide the option to the user to use the most appropriate ear.

سماعات ابل AirPods Pro الجديدة

The heavens weigh 5.4 grams, any heavier with 1.5 grams of the previous version, and supports the water resistant feature and the standard of IPX4 which can be worn during exercise without the fear of exposing them to heavy.

Apple also has to add a ventilation system says the treatment of pressure so the user feels more comfort when wearing them without complaint, of a sense of blockage the ear.

Feature noise isolation

Of the new features in headphones AirPods Pro feature noise isolation and Active Noise Cancellation that can blocking external noise when listening to music depending on the microphone and wave out to discover the noise and the system software work on edit photos and remove them.

سماعات ابل AirPods Pro الجديدة

There is a transparency mode Transparency mode which enables the user to listen to music under the presence of external noise which is good when you use headphones while walking in the public roads or ride bicycles or other positions.

Can switch between mode noise isolation and transparency by clicking the prolonged on the speakers. Can be disabled both from the Control Center in iPhone or iPad.

سماعات ابل AirPods Pro الجديدة

A better sound experience

Containing headphones AirPods Pro on the coefficient of sound Adaptive EQ automatically adjusts audio out from the headphones of low and medium frequencies to suit The Shape of the inner ear of the user.

There is also a tweeter wide Connector board to the task of producing a pure sound and with to conserve battery life, do not forget to also put the noise isolation is optional. Image processing is done by Chip H1 chip inside the heavens.

Battery life

The battery in the headphones AirPods Pro lasts up to 5 hours in Normal mode to listen to (four and a half hours when you run the feature noise isolation) or three and a half hours when making calls. Cargo tray, extend the battery life to 18 hours, an additional to become Work total about a full day to note that the tray purchase is shipped with a USB cable C and also supports wireless charging.

سماعات ابل AirPods Pro الجديدة البطارية والسعر

The price of the AirPods Pro

Apple will sell the headphones AirPods Pro at a price of USD 250 or equivalent in local currency through its website and through stores and authorized agents.

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