Headphones Apple AirPods new coming the beginning of next year!

Almost two years, on the launch of the Apple headphones wireless Apple AirPods for the first time in December of 2016. Maybe some wonder now about the new generation of these headphones and on launch after all this long time.

سماعات آبل AirPods الجديدة قادمة بداية العام المقبل!
Headphones Apple AirPods new coming the beginning of next year!

Analyst and coach of the famous Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the announcement of the new version II of the headphones Apple AirPods wireless early 2019 future and specifically during the first quarter of the year.

Wireless charging the most prominent new features!

So far we don’t know the technical details about the new generation of headphones Apple AirPods however, the reports and leaks suggest that Apple is working on the development of the cover of your headphones to be able to do charge the headphones wirelessly as soon as you put on any custom base for wireless charging.

سماعات آبل AirPods الجديدة قادمة بداية العام المقبل!

Also to say Apple is developing technical specifications internal to the heavens with a processor Apple W2 new as well as further improvements in the quality of the sound to the performance of the microphone. Reports talk also about the possibility of adding motion sensors & fitness is like a Apple Watch, but all of these things remain purely speculation.

Headphones Apple AirPods popular!

For two years I can hear the Apple AirPods wireless to become accessory and the most popular of Apple TV and the proportion of the holder between the users of the phones the iPhone is about 5% which is significant given the large number of users of phones iPhone.

In 2018, unit sales of headphones Apple AirPods approximately 26 to 28 million units, and analysts expect to double this figure through to 2019 with the new versions to reach 50 million units.

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