Headed South for a new game based on a feature Motion Sense in the phone Pixel camera 4

Announced studio Ustwo Studios award-winning and Game-rich by definition Monument Valley, for its new game Headed South . Which has been launched specially for the new phone-Pixel 4, so as to intercept the game to feature Motion Sense “sense of freedom” in the phone.

Headed South لعبة جديدة تعتمد على خاصية Motion Sense في هاتف بيكسل 4HeadedSouth a new game based on a feature MotionSense phone Pix 4

Thus be Headed South is the second game that supports the feature Motion Sense after a game of Pokémon Wave Hello from Google itself.

Regarding the game Headed South, you play as a bird trying to interfere with others during the flight through the worlds of bright colors.

Therefore, the protagonist is a bird named Sully, and the game will begin using the touch for from side to side, then enters the bird

Another in battle, your task is to get the riverbed and haunt her, and to do this, you need to “nod fast via your phone”, to increase the speed.

However there is a problem, that the game at the present time suffer from some problems in the operation, which will be fixed as soon as possible.

Finally, the game Headed South currently available on the Google Play Store, it can be downloaded by through file the APK from here.

Download game HeadedSouth on Android.

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