Head of Nvidia: card Radeon VII disappointing!


By CES 2019, the AMD detects the first graphic card in the world size of 7 nm, and is the graphics card the Radeon VII for the PC and priced at$ 699. The card comes with the amount of 16GB of memory random cutting-edge of type HBM2, and is expected to work strongly fee of up to 13.8 teraflops.

Well, it seems that this detection was not impressive to the head of Nvidia, Mr. Jensen Huang, who is the uncle of D.Lisa Su, president of AMD, where he stated that the disclosure was frustrating, in his view, compared with the card RTX 2060 announced by Nvidia at the same event, especially with its focus on the absence of support for my Ray Tracing and DLSS.

And in relation to the boundaries of these technologies in the current generation of cards, NVIDIA graphic, assured forget to support any new technology starts out weak, and then increases with the passage of time.

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