Head of Department of Xbox in the Microsoft ” very excited ” for upcoming Xbox


Just last month, confirmed the company Sony that it will launch the Playstation 5. What this means is that there’s a possibility that the company Microsoft is also launching the next generation of Xbox, given that both companies tend to do the same actions, at least in the market of home consoles. Recently, it seemed the head of Xbox at Microsoft, Mr. Phil Spencer very excited for the future of Xbox.

Speaking to LevelUP, Mr. Phil Spencer excited for your upcoming Xbox where he is quoted saying : ” the reason I like home consoles that we’re making them is because I think that we can create special devices. I see that today with the Xbox One X how games run on this device, I think it’s a great place to play. When I look at our future plans, I feel very excited about what we do in the sector of home consoles “.

It’s interesting actually to find a company Microsoft is trying to behind the next generation of Xbox after it announced a service broadcast its own games. But according to Phil Spencer, it is not considered that the services broadcast games will replace home consoles traditional. Instead, he says it’s about ” choice“, where players will be able to choose the way they play.

Is there any information about when Microsoft will launch the next-generation Xbox, despite the fact that some analysts foresaw that in the year 2020. Has suggested some rumors in the past that the Xbox One the next will be in fact a more than one device so that you can have the first device is a gaming device traditional, while the second device is a device that allows users ease of access to the service broadcast online gaming affiliate company, this is in line with already announced by Microsoft so far.


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