Head of Department of Xbox in the Microsoft is to increase competition with Google after the announcement of Google’s Stadia

xbox playstation

As we have explained You in a previous report, the company Google recently launched a service broadcast its own games which bear the name of Google’s Stadia. I got this service at a great interest, it seems that the chief executive of the Department Xbox at Microsoft, Mr. Phil Spencer was one of these. I appeared on the internet a an internal message sent after the event is where the staff that Microsoft will limit competition in education conference annual E3 2019 with their own ads.

Google Stadia is not a new gaming device or a digital future for games from the Google. In fact, it is a service to broadcast the games on the cloud, enabling users to run games in 4K at 60 frames per second on Google Chrome and on devices Chromecast, and phones Google Pixel also.

Microsoft is working on streaming games via the cloud. In fact, I reviewed our company this service which carries the name of the Project xCloud in recent years. Obviously the police have more information to share with us about the service in a press conference to be held at the annual E3 2019.

Wrote Phil Spencer in his letter E – the interior : ” I have become Google great today and we have a few months until E3 2019, then we will become bigger, “ he added : ” their declaration confirms the correctness of the path that we initiated two years ago. We have content, community, and the way cloud strategy, as I said a while ago, it’s all about implementation. This is true even more today. “ In conclusion, mentioned Phil Spencer staff that Google Stadia wouldn’t be streaming games via the cloud the only major in the market.

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