He is considered automatically to his wife and her cafe latte, programmer Ross nice runs his life and his work through the code!

Trading users of social networking site “Facebook” the story of the programmer, was working in a Russian company before leaving to the other, and after his departure, police discovered the Russian that he was running a full day across the code for each routine things that belong to him.

As an example of what he has done to this programmer, which has aroused your story the amazement of users of Facebook, that in the case of the work of his office until after 9 at night, it was a code which sends an automatic message to his wife, telling her by being late at work, the program offers to choose a reason at random from among the set of reasons stored inside it.

Another example, that in the days of business as usual, and when late in the entry on the system (Alcester) who works on them until nine o’clock to a quarter in the morning, was programmed by the innovative sends an email automatically to company officials, telling them with his sudden death that forced him to work from home!

There is also a code Nice, was launched by a Russian programmer name “Kumar-jerk” Kumar-asshole, it automatically work exclusively for e-mail messages coming from mate at work, “Kumar”, which seems pushy and many errors, and the software will search for keywords specific within the e-mail messages, which describe the “problem” or request “help” or think about “fault”, to see the program automatically on each message is an automatic response: “Don’t worry, take your mind next time”, then the program accesses the server, restore the last backup of the database!

And completed one of the user my Facebook story of the programmer saying: “I’m freezing one like the coffee machine, the Macintosh displays were in the company mainly the Coffee Maker available on the server, sterols remained he never likes to drink coffee Bever telnet will launch one after 17 seconds and run face reduced choice and a cafe latte medium size and bears the Dell 24 seconds before the development and 17+24 sec delay states are the time happens to need from his office, so what is described for the coffee-machine, and a resort named fucking-coffee”.

Finally, if you want to see what he has done to this programmer, the value of the software that I use available on the platform programmers GitHub.. click here.

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