Hate speech, terrorism, call his face ugly online with the attack on the mosques of New Zealand

خطاب الكراهية والارهاب يطل بوجهه القبيح على الانترنت مع حادث الاعتداء على مسجدي نيوزيلنداhate speech, terrorism, call his face ugly online with the attack on the mosques of New Zealand

Published online accounts associated with been armed, occurred on Friday on two mosques in New Zealand she killed 49 people and injured more than 40 other sites in the past few days on social networking sites and forums about the policy of the white race and the messages of the far right that celebrates violence against Muslims and minorities.

A cop responds to the call following the shooting in Christchurch on Friday. Image Reuters prohibited to re-sell them or put them in the archive.
Broadcast armed live footage on Facebook of the attack on one of the mosques. Police said later that four people had been detained and one charged with the crime of murder in the worst mass shooting incident in the country so far.

Publish account (ringtones) on Twitter on Wednesday a photo of a rifle used in the attack on the two mosques in the city of Christchurch. Featured image of Venice has been covered in white letters the color of the names of the other people have committed acts of murder on the basis of ethnic or religious signals Slavic Armenian and George to the characters and events of the history of the phrase Make fun of a brochure prepared by the United Nations on how to deal with immigrants.

Written on the side of the gun also number (14) in reference to the slogan used by white supremacists consists of 14 words.

Included other tweets posted by the same user in that day, references to the decline of the fertility rate among whites and articles on right-wing extremists and the leadership of different countries and stories about alleged crimes with illegals.

The publication of this account, which was established last month, 63 tweet the number of follow-up 318 follow-up.

As the publication of a person involved in the two attacks, regularly it seems, the publications in the middle ”to me.Or.I Politico My incorrect“ knowledge that allows the deployment of any content, including hate speech.

At about half past one local time (0030 GMT) on Friday said the anonymous user group ”will carry out attacks on the invaders, and I’ll also post a live broadcast of the attack on Facebook“. Included comments supporting publications on images and logos a Nazi.

And the publication of this anonymous user on a link to a statement from the 74-page document which stated that what prompted him to organize the attack is ”Genocide Research“, a term used by white supremacists to describe the effects of migration and the increase in the number of population of minorities.

The publication also contains also a link for a user account on Facebook called Brenton.Tarrant.9 it is an account that posted it live to attack one of the mosques.

And closing an account present on the Twitter account Brenton.Tarrant.9 on Facebook shortly after the attacks.

Said Facebook on Twitter, ”We are informed the police about the video clip shortly after the start of the live broadcast we did delete my account the attacker on Facebook and Instagram as well as the lender promptly… we also delete any tribute to the crime, or support of one or executors as soon as we know it.“

Published YouTube owned by Google on Twitter also ”the splendor of our horrendous tragedy that occurred today in New Zealand“.

The representative of Twitter said that the company ”deeply grieving“ for what happened from the killings.

The company said in a statement sent by e-mail, ”I have a Twitter mechanisms of severe precision and a team dedicated to deal with cases of urgency and emergency“.

The statement continued ”We also cooperate with security agencies to facilitate their investigations as they should“.

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