Hasrat, Bitcoin peaked for 4 months. The confidence of the miners is growing

The price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin went up immediately after Hasrat coins recorded a new maximum for the last 4 months. According to the Blockchain.com, the computing power of the network has risen to 52493 PH/s. Hasrat historical maximum was recorded in August 2018. Then the power of the network was 61866 PH/s.

By the way, mining BTC is an extremely important aspect of cryptococcemia and Hasrat reflects the level of productivity of the miners. The higher Hasrat, the more network resources needed for the successful production of coins.

It is also an important indicator of the General mood of the mining community. Growth Hasrat about the building of trust among the miners, and therefore ensures more protection for the Bitcoin network. In this case, the network joined by more and more miners.

Source: Blockchain.com

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The current jump in computing power is a complete contrast to what we saw last year. Due to the long bear market, many miners have suspended their activities, many large mining farms were closed. Overall, last year adversely affected the industry of mining coins. How, then, said a Bitcoin enthusiast Matt Odell, “but that’s the beauty of Bitcoin”.

Each disconnected from the network, the miner increases the profits of all the remaining.

Recall now cryptologist desperately tries to expose the manufacturer presumably the most powerful ASIC miners in the world OnMiners. As it turned out, photographs of the company’s management was taken from the effluent and the picture reception of the company was not very good “photoshop”.

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