Hardwork Ethereum postponed. What you need to do ETH all owners and miners

The team ChainSecurity notify the kernel developers of Ethereum and the community about the found vulnerabilities in the network refresh Constantinople. After this statement, the key stakeholders of the community, Ethereum has decided to postpone the planned launch of the fork, which was to be held on the block under No. 7080000 16 Jan 2019.

For this reason, all holders of the complete node (including the operators, miners, wallet services, and so on) need to be updated to a new version of Geth, or Parity immediately before the detection unit 7080000. According to the plan, this network block will be approximately 32 hours since the announcement. To be exact — on January 17 at 7 a.m. GMT.

What to do for a normal user?

If you are a user of Ethereum, but it does not keep its own node, then nothing needs to be done.

What we must do miners, exchanges and operators of nod?

To upgrade the Geth and/or Parity to new versions immediately after their release.

The message about the update appeared shortly after the announcement of the postponement hardore.We also wrote about this in Telegram channel 2Биткоина night. Subscribe if haven’t already.

Updated Geth

  • Updated to 1.8.21OR
  • Reduce version to 1.8.19, OR
  • Remain on version 1.8.20, but use the switch ‘— override.constantinople = 99999’ to put the fork Constantinople indefinitely.

Updated Parity

  • Updated to Parity Ethereum 2.2.7-stable (recommended).
  • Updated to Parity Ethereum 2.3.0-beta.
  • Reduce version to the Parity Ethereum 2.2.4-beta (not recommended).

What do all the others?

Users of Ledger, best wallet, Safe-T, Parity Signer, WallEth, paper wallets, MyCrypto, MyEtherWallet, as well as users of other wallets & holders for tokens, which do not participate in the network by synchronizing and supporting its own node.

You can do nothing.

Contract owners

Also nothing to do. But can check, are not affected by whether your contracts discovered vulnerability. It is possible to do not worry, because if such a vulnerability exists, it will be fixed after the upgrade.

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