Hardwork Ethereum Constantinople officially postponed indefinitely. Why?

Constantinople — the long-awaited hardwork Ethereum, which was scheduled for January 16th. The main innovation of the update was to reduce the reward per block with 3 coins to 2. Because the update was supported by all major exchanges, the problems seemed to be something very distant. Alas, to avoid failure failed. Network upgrade postponed indefinitely.

Update Ethereum

The update was postponed because of a critical vulnerability in the planned changes, according to CoinDesk. The authors findings are the specialists ChainSecurity company, which is engaged in the audit of smart contracts. According to experts, the implementation of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1283 a loophole in the code, which attackers could seize the funds of users.

Representatives of Ethereum, which was acne Buterin, Hudson, Jameson, Nick Johnson and Evan van ness, responded to the information. Since the correction of gaps need a lot of time, the developers decided to postpone the hard forks. To invest before the scheduled 04:00 UTC 17 January, the team would not have time.

Source: Coindesk

The vulnerability was classified as an attack re-entry. Thanks to her, the attacker could perform the same function several times, while not informing the user about what is happening. As claims technical Director Amberdata Joan Espanol, it would allow a hacker “to withdraw indefinitely”.

Imagine that in my contract there is a function that calls another contract. If I am a hacker and can activate the function during the execution of the previous function, this will give an opportunity to withdraw funds.

This vulnerability is used during the famous attack DAO in 2016.

Recall hardwork Constantinople lay not the first time. In October failed testing update — then the network is not enough miners. On the eve of the analysts are told about the tiny percentage of nod, ready to upgrade.

New update date is unknown. It seems that in the near future, the rate of ETH can be significantly reduced. For courses coins followed in the rating of the cryptocurrency.

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