Hardwork Ethereum Classic will be held in September

The developers of Ethereum Classic has revealed more details about the upcoming Atlantis the hard forks. The procedure will take place at 8772000 unit of cryptocurrency, it is estimated it will produce on September 17.

After a disagreement in may about list of updates in the hard forks the project team came to a consensus yesterday. Programmers have prepared a list of 10 of the EIP, which should appear in the upgrade.

Recall Atlantis in tandem with another update Agharta should increase the integration between blockchains Ethereum Classic and original Ethereum. Thanks to innovations by independent developers will be able to make the migration of decentralised applications from one environment to another.

Features hard forks Atlantis

Earlier this month, a startup from San Francisco Ethereum Classic Labs announced the activation of Atlantis mandate cryptocurrency until July 1. Prior to this, the developers agreed to do hardwork in September. This decision promoted community Manager of the Asian region Christian Xu, arguing its strategy allegedly high expectations of local users.

However, other community managers ETC accused Xu of falsification of facts, because after the study found that most exchanges/miners from Asia revealed to the huge interest in hardface.

In the skirmish involved the CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs Terry CULVER. He agreed to postpone the hard forks, and then within the team there have been several heated disputes.

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In the end, the developers came to a common decision — to spend hardwork in September and release a new roadmap.

We count on the support of the community ETC. ETC Labs will collaborate with all developers and teams to make Ethereum Classic even more.

Recall that our mining pool 2Miners also supports hardwork and is ready for its implementation. Let’s hope that after the profitability mining crypto-currencies will be even higher!


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