Hardwork Constantinople will take place this week. The main parts of update

The two most important upgrade Ethereum will happen this week. The developers reminded the official blog of the project. The exact moment of activation of Constantinople and St. Petersburg — 7280000 unit of cryptocurrency. According to rough estimates, it should produce just 28 Feb.

However, given the unpredictability of mining and the growing generation time block of Ethereum, activation, upgrades can be displaced for a few hours and occur in the first day of spring. In any case, the event is definitely worth the wait this week.

All ready

In Ethereum Foundation explained that previously, the integration of the St. Petersburg and Constantinople had planned to hold at different times. Recently the developers decided to combine both events into one event. Recall that they had several times to postpone the activation of hard forks due to unforeseen technical problems.

An upgrade itself will bring into the project a list of important changes, including the postponement of the so-called bombs of difficulty. It is the main stimulus of the transition of the ecosystem of crypto-currencies on the Proof-of-Stake. Since the transition is postponed, the bomb of complexity also has to move.

In addition, miners are already preparing for the upcoming events. Recently generating unit in the network Ethereum increased for a few seconds, what was the reason for the formation of a record low volume of new coins during the day. In Constantinople will also be a function Create2 that previously “suspected” serious vulnerabilities. However, in Ethereum Foundation has denied these rumors. The second update St. Petersburg is designed to remove the previous EIP 1283, which was integrated in the Protocol with some errors.

Note that until Proof-of-Stake in the future Ethereum can go to the algorithm ProgPoW. At least, it wants the vast majority of the members of the cryptocurrency community.


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