Hardwork Bitcoin Cash has taken place. What is known at the moment?

Today was hardwork Bitcoin Cash, who shared the cryptocurrency network on two competing versions of Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and SV (BCHSV). The separation occurred at 18:00 UTC (21:00 Moscow time), blackany BCHABC and BCHSV separated on 556767 block Bitcoin Cash. What happened in the first two hours after the procedure? For clarity, we recommend immediately visit the service for monitoring blocks forks.

Bitcoin is Cash, and war of Harrachov

At the moment the branch BCHABC, the creators of which promote the idea of “original” Bitcoin, still holds the championship by the number of the extracted blocks. However, about three-quarters of the GBR BCH are working with a client ABC, then as a Bitcoin node SV cost about 10 percent of the total number of nodes in the network.

The market price BCHABC also increased by 25 percent since the fork and more than 320 dollars. Price fork opponents, by contrast, fell by 55 percent to $ 79. ABC have more support from companies for this thread vouch for Bitmain, Antpool, BitMEX, BTC.com, Bitcoin.com and best wallet. At the same time, Bitcoin SV support only related to Craig Wright mining pools.

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However, BCHSV (Craig Wright and Calvin Air) somehow managed to capture more than 75 percent of the total Hasrat BCH in a matter of minutes before hardforum. The supporters of this thread openly threaten the team BCHABC and declare intentions to attack the blockchain to fork. Craig Wright plans to do so before that time, Bitcoin ABC will not surrender, and most of the community does not migrate to Bitcoin SV.

Image source — coin.dance

WhalePanda in his Twitter has published an interesting theory of what is happening. According to him, despite the superiority in herate, BCHSV miners are unable to mine the first blocks of the chain. It turns out, Wright and the team screwed up somewhere in the process of implementing their plans.

In response to this, the pool Roger Faith Bitcoin.com moved almost all of their power for mining BCHABC, part Hasrat even switch from mining Bitcoins. BitMEX analyst Jonathan Biert said that it will be over soon and most recognized mining Bitcoin SV is economically disadvantageous.

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