Hard times: the stock market were only the most desperate Hodler

Monday did not start with the best news — Tether again, I suspect fraud. And although Bitcoin has grown in relation to USDT, its price in dollar terms has remained virtually the same. On the trading pair BTC with altcoins the event is almost not affected — they continue to fall steadily.

When will growth?

Capitalization of the stock market teetering at around $ 200 billion. The top altcoins slowly rolled back down, but the overall situation still remains difficult for the bulls. Bitcoin does not fall below the support level of 6300 dollars, but the Ethereum weakened against the BTC cryptocurrency fell by almost 2 percent per day.

Other altcoins also continue to lose its value. Ripple, Stellar and Cardano fell by an average of three percent over the past day. Of the top 20 coins only and Tron Tezos resist the fall to new support levels.

But investors in Komodo luck. Cryptocurrency has become the “hero” of yesterday’s Pampa and rose by 13 percent to 1.13 on the dollar. If you bought it at the bottom, you have to take profits. True to scale 1-day graphics KMD is still well below its January level of trading.

The first “loser” — Nexo, the coin fell 10 percent after its recent Pampa. Digitex Futures also lost 7 percent of the cost, Loom Network and Aion fell by an average of 8 percent.

Image source — NewsBTC

Capitalization of the stock market for quite a long time holding above the important psychological level. She recently fell down to 198 billion dollars, but managed to recover to 212 billion.

The index of dominance of Bitcoin grew by a few percent, now it is 54.4 percent of total capitalization. In the near future the situation hardly will change — bullrun may not come until the end of 2018.

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