Happened: Litecoin surpassed Bitcoin in the Cash capitalization. Why is it so important?

Remember how everyone expected flappening? Amid rising Ethereum above $ 1,000 in cryptocommunist began to argue about the prospects of the project to take first place by market capitalization on the stock market. The Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee then stated that such will never happen. Instead, it introduced its own term β€” “flappening”.

Flappening will come when Litecoin will surpass the performance of its main rival Bitcoin Cash. In the network appeared even a special website Flappening.watch to monitor the state of the process. In the end, while the bearish trend at the LTC has a chance to get around BCH.

Flappening already here

Friday night during the fall of Bitcoin to 3150 dollars BCH so highly collapsed that broke his main line of support. The coin was one of the worst investments of the top altcoins on Coinmarketcap this week. But LTC doing much better β€” cryptocurrency pushed away from the annual minimum and even rose slightly to 22.5 USD.

Finally, the prediction of Whether Charlie came to life. He informed about it all as its a very concise tweet: Emoji chicken (mascot LTC), dollar bills and missiles. Information about flappening also appeared on the Flappening.watch.

Today the capitalization of Litecoin is 64 million more than the capitalization of Bitcoin Cash. Price Aldona shows positive dynamics of growth of 2.5 percent over the past day. At the same time BCH has depreciated by nearly 6.4 percent. Fundamentally Litecoin also dominates a fork of Bitcoin. The project Charlie Lee on 384 percent more active addresses, and the number of transactions is higher by 3.4 times.

Source: Ethereum World News

Retain your LTC position? Judging by the free fall BCH, yeah. At least for the near future, investors have nothing to worry about. Discuss other promising coins are always in our cryptodata.


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