Halberd.. the solution is to maintain the confidentiality of your data safe and secure

Not every plan that targets your business data risk letter comes across kidnapper or spy software, you may be one of those who practiced their work on computers not connected to the Internet of the foundation, and be introduced to the people of the confidence we have in the inattention of you.

Refer statistical data to interlopers inside (staff spies within your company) are responsible for 43% of the cases of data breach and trade on the information, whether intentionally or coincidence, which is what most of the companies losses in indispensable.

The device “here” Halberd the most safety and comfort to maintain the confidentiality of your information, you only learn the little device in the field of your keys or your bag, and when you move away from your computer, the device work Screen protect and restrict access to the files that you’re working on, rendering it impossible to see any person in your absence.

When you return back to the computer you are working on, will her Halberd remove the safety factors automatically, so you can continue your job as you were before leaving your device.

Corresponds to device protection, here Halberd with the operating system Windows 7 and Mac Mac OSX 10.13 what is the latest, and adjust its settings with ease, including the dimension to start when the machine is at work.

Successfully campaign financing protection device here in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, and the device is available for purchase through the website priced at $ 60 (1,000 pounds almost).

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