Hackers were able to access certain accounts Outlook.com for several months


Microsoft unveiled that the hacker managed to gain access to some accounts Outlook.comm for a couple of months earlier this year. The police found out that the credentials and proxy support service has been compromised, which provided the Access is unauthorized to some of the accounts in the period from 1 January until 28 March 2019.

The company confirmed that hackers were able to view the email addresses for the accounts, and the headlines the e-mails and the names of the folders, but they didn’t see the content of electronic messages or its attachments. Did not explain Microsoft accurately the number of users who were affected by this hack or participated in this act.

In a letter sent to affected users, said Microsoft said : ” Our data suggests that it was possible to view information pertaining to the accounts, except the content of e-mails, but Microsoft has nothing to indicate the cause of the presentation of that information, or how to use it “.

Not allowed to hack security hackers stealing login details or any other personal information but keep the users safe as much as possible, the company still recommends that users change their passwords. Adds Microsoft to a difference of internal security and the privacy of not conducting an investigation and that the company is also working to improve its systems and processes to ensure nothing happens like this again.

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