Hackers stole $ 20 million from inconsiderate users of the network Ethereum

Users wallet geth suffered from hackers who managed to steal a air at the equivalent of $ 20 million over the past few months. The conspirators were disclosed by accident. It is reported by Cryptovest.

Hackers used a vulnerability in Ethereum

In the company 360 Netlab noticed that the scammers scan the IP addresses of the victims and check whether or not they have a port 8545. Through this port geth connect to other nodes Ethereum.

If the hackers find this port they were trying to determine the client’s protection. Usually the port 8545 open only to local network and cannot be accessed from other sources. At risk were those who in the settings left 8545 open to the Internet. Message 360 Netlab stop the attackers. After its publication on the wallet Scam received only 3.9 coins Ether.

However, the total value of all coins in the wallet of hackers has exceeded $ 20 million. That’s how much they managed to extract from inattentive users.

If you use geth, make sure if the port is open 8545 only for the local network. Otherwise, in theory you can also become a victim of cyberhawks.

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