Hackers mainile cryptocurrency from compromised cloud servers Tesla

In early December, the owner of Tesla Model S said about mining crypto-currencies using the car. The user of the electric vehicle installed computer in the trunk and used the free energy of charging stations Supercharger. The profit is small, but the idea is funny. Mine with the participation of Tesla products can be different. Hackers used the cloud servers of the company.

The use of Tesla not on purpose

Computer geniuses hacked cloud servers and Tesla used them to mine coins, according to Coindesk. Hacking told the employees of the manufacturer for cybersecurity RedLock.

Hackers helped unprotected console Kubernetes. Team members RedLock knew about the vulnerability and told about it to guide Tesla a couple of months ago.

The company used the server for data processing of the telemetry of the cars Tesla. In theory, identity theft could bring a great profit, but the attackers chose mining.

Hackers used a public mining pool. Instead set up another, walked CloudFare and hidden IP addresses to their pools. Besides crackers clocked processors, so an attack was difficult to calculate.

Hopefully with the Tesla servers this will never happen again. The prospect of the influence of anonymous on a trip in the car sounds scary.

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