Hackers learned how to hack a smartphone using WhatsApp

There are many ways to hack a smartphone remotely. Most often used for this spy apps posing as benign SOFTWARE. They are distributed through Google Play and third-party platforms, ensuring wide coverage and potentially high infection rate. However, this technique is good when there is no need of point hacking because hack so smartphone a particular user without physical contact will be very difficult. But for WhatsApp, nothing is impossible.

WhatsApp hack of all and Sundry, and the users do not know

Found in WhatsApp vulnerability allowed hackers to hack smartphones officials at least 20 countries, writes Reuters. In fact, the actual number of victims may be higher, but even this is enough to confirm the existence of gaps in the security system of the messenger, which enables remote penetration to sensitive data. And if you can hack even smartphones officials, most likely, the same is feasible and in relation to the ordinary user, which are traditionally much less concerned about their own safety.

Who hacked WhatsApp

It is assumed that due to hacker attacks can stand Israeli company NSO Group, which deals with the seizure of confidential data in the interests of intelligence agencies of different countries. Although her involvement has not yet received official confirmation, it was found to be listening to users WhatsApp. Wiretap allows you to set another vulnerability that was discovered in the messenger this year. But if usually in such situations, the victims were Android users in that time came under attack and iPhone users.

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According to Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, all the backdoors in WhatsApp, there are approval of his leadership to the special services and acting in their best interest hackers were easier to access correspondence users. And to hide it, I’m sure Durov, the developers deliberately confusing code WhatsApp so that even versed in the subject specialist will be difficult to understand. However, Facebook (which owns WhatsApp) contradict the position of Durov.

WhatsApp is full of backdoors, and hackers use it

WhatsApp is not cooperating with the NSO Group, which often deals with hacking messenger, the company said. Moreover, Facebook even filed at NSO Group to court, accusing the team of hackers in spreading through WhatsApp malware, which killed about 1,500 users. However, in the NSO Group claim they were not involved in hacker attacks, but only create tools for collection of data by intelligence agencies, thus helping to solve crimes and increase security in the world.

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WhatsApp is hardly the most secure platform for communication. Despite the support of end-to-end encryption and secret chats that automatically removes messages experts in the field of cyber security support the position of Pavel Durov not recommend the use of WhatsApp for secure correspondence. The fact that even encrypted messages can be deciphered if they were initially sent by security breaches. And since backdoors are engaged, there is no guarantee that your correspondence will not read someone else.

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