Hackers broke into Twitter one of the most secure coins. Its rate dropped by 14%

Hackers can manipulate the course of the cryptocurrency through cyber-attacks — to such conclusion analysts of the Positive Technologies. Most often we are talking about DDoS attacks and the theft of funds from the wallets of customers, but sometimes drop coins fairly simple misinformation. The hackers broke into the official Twitter anonymous cryptocurrency Verge, declared stealing to 1 billion tokens XVG and published the passports of its main developer. For a few hours, the coin dropped by 14%, writes RBC.

The risk of a hacker attack for a cryptocurrency

The account of the company was in the hands of criminals in one hour. After that, the developers of the Verge has released a statement in which it accused of hacking into the world’s largest telecommunications company AT&T. the Latter allows customers to use their account sim card, which they do not belong. This, according to developers, was the reason for hacking.

The representative of the Verge did not specify whether the hackers managed to steal 1 billion XVG. Now in circulation is 14.7 billion tokens of the company. The attack rate of the cryptocurrency, which occupies the 32nd place in terms of capitalization, fell to $0,03.

Hacking will negatively affect the company’s reputation, positioning itself as a developer of a coin with safe transaction that are nearly impossible to track.

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