Hacker 1337. How to hack Etherscan not cause any harm

Monday on the website Etherscan.io appeared a pop-up message with the numbers 1337. The visitors began to panic and spread rumors about hacking Explorer. Etherscan really hacked, but the damage from a hacker attack was zero. This writes Bitcoinist.

Why hack a blockchain

A breach in the security system Etherscan gave the hacker the ability to enable pop-UPS for site visitors. His message of “1337” — a slang designation elite (abbreviated as leet) hacker. Team Etherscan quickly corrected all vulnerabilities and warned users on Twitter.

Hacker attack is in some ways similar to cancer — both strikes fear into the hearts of ordinary citizens. In reality, both phenomena can be extremely dangerous and harmless.

Etherscan is one of the most popular block Explorer blockchain for Ethereum. The resource gives the opportunity to obtain information about transactions in the public block chain. Although Etherscan does not provide services for the storage of the crypts users, any hacking a very negative impact on cryptocommunist. Even such a harmless.

This hacker attack was a lot of potential. An attacker could modify the appearance of a blockchain cryptocurrency, and this would lead to an immediate reaction on the stock exchanges. Fortunately, the hacking Etherscan was more of a warning than a full attack.

I hope the developers will patch holes and will no longer jeopardize the entire industry.


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