Hacked the Pentagon leads to access to data of 30,000 employees

اختراق للبنتاغون يؤدي للوصول لبيانات 30.000 موظف

Although the Pentagon earlier many attempts; encourage the inventors of the peace to find the weak points in the website and reporting in order to strengthen the firewalls of their own, but they still suffer from the problems that side for a moment, as revealed the Ministry of defence last Friday for a breakthrough hit records travel has led to a number of military and civilian access their personal data.

Explained a source close to the breached information contains personal data and credit card data included approximately 30.000 employees, it is likely that the number will increase during the ongoing investigations into the disclosure of the circumstances of this hack, has warned the crew to safety in the Ministry of law of penetration on the Fourth of October, which means that the hack was a reality in advance of that date.

Pentagon spokesman said resident Joseph Butch swallow that the ministry is still gathering information about the extent and magnitude of penetration and standing and, as it turns out the current came about by targeting one of the contractors to provide commercial services to the Pentagon, noted that the services category is limited compared with the total number.

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