Hacked servers the Asus published updates contain malicious software

Know System updates the software buy ASUS process breakthrough led to use to spread the malicious software arrived to about a million PCs running Windows.

And put the Digital Signature Certificate security update to legitimize and ensure his access to the users and convince them to download that update from Asus already.

Revealed Kaspersky for hack will allow more detail at a subsequent conference where we don’t know yet the goal of the hacker this hack is dangerous.

And put data special tariff with some of the victims to recognize them malware and then downloads more malware help for the hack and the car wider.

And launched Kaspersky name ShadowHammer on this process and believes that behind the states and not the work of amateurs. On the other hand will be the ASUS official press release clarifying its position and circumstances of the incident in more detail, so spend it on what appears to be malicious software spread via hacked its servers.

It is not yet known accurately the number of infected machines, but it’s not very big, as we mentioned at the beginning, he probably reached a million device, where based on the users security software from Kaspersky has been discovered in 57 a device, as well as in 13 a-device uses the protection software from Symantec, this means a simple overview but it does not clarify or limit the damage accurately.

If you suspect that malicious software has infected your device, you can examine it via this tool is available free of charge from Kaspersky or via this site.

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