Hack the Outlook skips the statements of Microsoft

Microsoft has recently sent notices warning users of Outlook referring to the Hack Unlimited in app lead to the leaking of users ‘ data, but a new report confirmed that penetration position Outlook skips the statements of the software giant.


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May not be the position of the @outlook.com choose the vogue among many users, but it includes a number of interested users by hacking into their personal data as a result of the registration process and the attack referred to by Microsoft previously.

And the unexpected did not reveal to the software giant about the size of a process to hack the outlook that threatens the accounts of users, which extends to the accounts of Hotmail and MSN also where it was leaking as large of users data already, but that the process of the hack led to the arrival of the intruders to the content of the e-mail also full.

Has confirmed the report that the user accounts were the most affected by the process of the hack and leaking of data, where she managed to get Microsoft to secure the accounts of the institutions in the outlook, while Microsoft indicated that the proportion of accounts that were affected by the process of the hack don’t give up 6%, but that the company did not disclose the details of the real numbers for accounts that have been hacked.

Recall that Microsoft pointed out that the hack process and delivery to the user accounts kept up to 3 months, while the bank on the continuation of the process of the hack even 6 months.


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