H said Taxi Watch Active get a huge update

In spite of the great interest about hours Watch Active 2 from Samsung but hours Watch Active by issuing the first is still the middle of the newly where to launch this year has been despite the fact that dozens of reports stating that the launch of the second generation will be in the next month with the Note 10 however, this does not mean that the first version will not get all the new features!

I got an hour Watch Active on the new update which came with noticeably improved performance الـApp Tray which is a home screen involving apps and also got put Goodnight on the significant improvements where he now once activated will not appear in front of you only time will be the previous book notifications, as you can infer from its name, this mode is activated when you sleep.

Also it has got voice assistant Bixby on the big update where it is now able to run an application or complete a task by yourself as it has become the user can now control the home devices through Smart Things and also play music from Spotify coupled with his ability to reply to messages and also modification on the settings of the clock itself.

I got Watch also features Swimming which will track swimming automatically this coupled with the improved feature follow-up to the pressure of the heart, it has Samsung started through the store Strap Studio own by providing 15 different design to change the design of the former in terms of bracelets.

Source: GSMArena

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