Guide to use the password manager LastPass

We have already mentioned that LastPass offers the best free service to save and manage passwords, and today we will continue in detail the way to use.

Why do we need a password manager is?

If advised to set up different passwords for each online account in order to avoid penetration of all accounts if you know someone’s permeable, it is certain that the user might forget the password, so the apps password manager such as LastPass.

With Password Manager application, all you need to save it is only one password, a password associated with the account LastPass, it will log you on service wherever you are on your phone or your tablet or PC, allows you to input the automatic passwords of registered accounts on the app, here are the steps:

1) Download LastPass

All you have to do is head to the official website and select the Download tool as an addition to the popular web browser like Google Chrome and Firefox and Safari and opera, and then on your phone download from store, Google Play or the App Store, as you can download it as a program on a Mac to work with the applications.

2) Create an account

When you open the app or click on Add site, you’ll find the option to create an account, Enter Email and password key, which you must memorize.

After that, log in to the account on other devices, as you can check settings to customize usage, for example on the phone you’ll find the option to use your fingerprint with a password.

3) Save passwords

The purpose of the app as we said, is to save passwords for all online accounts, from social media applications and even methods of payment online and other.

So it is recommended to first change the passwords of the different accounts to be long and complex, it may ask LastPass to help you in that; for on Add and then choose the “generate secure password” (Generate Secure Password) – an option available in the application, also within the Department of safety, and then you can generate the password used as the password for your account.

Any account you register to enter it for the first time on your devices, then LastPass proposal to save the password, which must be approved, so be sure to save the password manually, click on the icon in the box to fill the password when you register for the first time to saving option.

To save the password once on any of the devices, automatically save or update the saved on the other devices.

4) use LastPass

As long as you download the tool LastPass on the device you are using, you can reach a utility app to see the passwords and copy them to login to different accounts.

And the latest systems, phones and web browsers, you can autofill (Auto fill) the word the invites without having to stop for investigation, the phone tap and hold in the input box to the password to be the proposal to use one of the recorded data, and web browsers click on the icon Add and select Autofill.

So you can enhance the strength of the protection layer first your activities on the internet and is the master password, if you want to promote more acidity, you can add a layer of protection called “Two-Step Verification” or “authentication” feature available for most services on the internet and here: how to activate two-step verification applications of social networking.

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