Guide iOS 13 reveals one of the properties of the iphone 11

Since that turned Apple adapter Lightning to USB-C on the latest version of the iPad Pro, pointed out rumors that the 11 iPhone the following will have the same property which was confirmed by the guide iOS 13 beta, where I saw someone a picture of the phone which is connected to the Mac, and has a cable like new the USB-C connector, you can see the image in the tweet below, but it looks clearly like a USB-C port instead of the adapter Lightning, which are characterized by the appearance of more distinguished in the cartoon clock for the Apple.

Since there are rumors of severe about the iOS version 13 to the side of the iPhone 11 , iPhone new of the company in 2019, she moved the Apple to the USB-C to allow more power on the iPad Pro in addition to more functions through a single port, include Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort, all through a single cable rather than the presence of a variety of other outlets.

The effect of USB-C on the iphone 11

دليل iOS 13 يكشف عن إحدى خواص iphone 11 القادمGuide iOS 13 reveals one of the properties of the iphone 11 template

This means that the next generation of iPhones may be allowed to charge faster, but apart from that it is currently unclear why the Apple transfer functionality to newer devices, with the use of iPad and Mac now USB-C, it may be just to ensure that you only need to one type of tea through a painting, probably won’t know anything for sure, until September of this year, the date of issuance of the device 11 iPhone killer.

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