GUI see President of SpaceX exceed the ambitions of Elon musk

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غوين شوتويل رئيسة سبيس إكس خلال كلمتها في مؤتمر تيد في فانكوفر

Enjoy Goya see Gwynne Shotwell one of the most jobs exciting on the planet, it was the former which joined the company SpaceX SpaceX is now running the position of President and Director of operations of the company, and the difficulty of the job that in that its chairman is Elon musk who is suspected ambition that has no limits and his ideas impossible.

But the ambitions of the Goya see announced during her speech at the TED conference TED in Vancouver beyond the ambitions of Elon musk himself.

Revealed Gwen see about the plans of SpaceX for using a rocket designed for outer space travel from one city to another on earth – which announced by musk last year – the work is done it will be available in ten years, in addition to that the company will be humans from Earth to Mars during this time also.

Explained see the idea, saying: “a lot can change in ten years of time, but the basic idea that is being worked on now is in a rocket travels here on earth, so that there will be a large missile very capable of carrying around 100 people and can fly like a plane traveling from one point to another on the ground much faster than the plane so that he could wrap the world in about 30 to 40 minutes, landing at a distance ranging from 5 to 10 kilometers outside the city center.

Said Gwen and see if the cost of the ticket store between flying economy and business class on the plane, is likely to increase this cost in the case of long travel across the ocean but the water here that the duration of travel you will learn the one hour no matter what the distance.

Said Gwen see : “I’m personally invested in this project because I travel a lot and at the same time don’t like to travel because of long distances I like to meet with our clients in Riyadh so that I leave in the morning and come back in time for dinner”.

One of the questions addressed how can The cost of travel by rocket so little? Said see the efficiency coming from the speed enough to be able to run a distance of about ten times a day while the long-haul aircraft often say one flight a day.

Expressed Coordinator TED talk Chris Anderson about his doubts in such a schedule is ambitious, but the hotel didn’t hesitate in response, saying, “this time, not Elon moreh” mention that there is a term for the way that he sees Elon musk how and when to accomplish the task called “time Elon Elon time”

At the same time has SpaceX plans for innovations that have the potential to transform the planet, where the company is working on the draft of a satellite in order to provide fast internet service all over the world, and described his see that the project most challenging was that SpaceX would need $ 10 million to deploy thousands of satellites planned, where the company plans to launch more than 10,000 satellite to provide internet service to most of planet Earth, said: “We’re moving at a steady pace along the way but certainly don’t claim victory yet, she added, “I don’t doubt that we will change the world”.

With all the problems here on earth the SpaceX prove their eyes on the stars, and his vision: “this is the first step for us to move to other solar systems, maybe other galaxies,” she says: “this is the only time I think of her as thinking about Elon: I want to meet people in another solar system.”.

GUI see President of SpaceX exceed the ambitions of Elon musk

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